22 Feb 2022

DGTL São Paulo 2022: get to know the three stages of the festival

Little by little, the countdown for DGTL São Paulo is decreasing and calming the hearts of those eager to storm into the Pavilhão Anhembi on April 9th and enjoy everything that the structure of this edition has to offer, specially the stages.


Modular, Generator and Frequency are the three structures that will host the 26 stars of the line-up. With its own personality, each one will deliver an unique, immersive experience. Public will be able to witness a show of music, lights, architecture, video, laser and other technologies, embedded in the festival’s culture, which involves music, art and sustainability as founding pillars.


With rave in its DNA, the Modular stage is the perfect bridge between the more Deep and Techno sounds. It will host giants of the electronic music of the globe, such as Amelie Lens, owner of hits like “Exhale”. Besides being the head of Lenske label, the brazilian duo Binaryh, the German Innellea and Jan Blonqvist will bring live sets. Júnior C, Len Faki, Marcio S, Melanie Ribbe and Renato Ratier will also compose the line up.


Generator, the Techno’s temple at the festival, will take the public on an underground trip, hosting the french DJ I Hate Models with his groundbreaking sets. The stage will also receive the Brazilian responsible for the Mamba Negra party, Chasu; the British Dax J; the German DJ Klangkuenstler; the Brazilian DJ and producer, Murphy; the swedish SPFDJ and Paulo Tessuto, one of Brazil’s authorities on Tecnho music.


Lastly, but not less important, comes the Frequency Stage. Formerly located outside of the event, on this edition the structure will move inside the Pavilhão Anhemi. Bringing its fascinating and immersive experience filled with House and Disco closer to the other two stages. The structure will be dominated by a starstrucked line up with Benjamin Ferreira, The Blessed Madonna, Denis Sulta, Gerd Janson, DJ Mau Mau, Ney Faustini, Pricila Diaz e Valentina Luz; with an B2B set of Suze Ijó and e Fafi Abdel Nour that will mesmerize the fans.


Take this moment to pick up your jaw, that I am sure that dropped just reading the power of the line up of each stage. Don’t waste time and get your ticket to this spectacular event, that will be the DGTL São Paulo. All you have to do is access Ingresse’s site or app, clicking here.

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