30 Nov 2021

Discover the new DGTL São Paulo

Dear DGTL São Paulo 2020 ticket holder,


Have you ever felt so immersed in music that your soul expands and you can't tell what's matter from what's abstract? You know that moment when your eyes are closed and all you can feel is your heartbeat in perfect harmony with the vibrations coming out of the speakers? When the sound experience is so deep that there is nothing but here and now?


These are some of the feelings that DGTL São Paulo 2022 wants to awaken in your next year. Since its conception in 2013 in the Netherlands, the DGTL Festival emphasizes some main pillars: Music, Art, and Sustainability. A world reference in Techno and House events, the festival will land again on Brazilian grounds next year, after a long period of waiting, anticipation, and – a lot – homesickness. The DGTL Festival knows all the mistakes made on the previous editions in Brazil and now it's time to make amends.


Under a new direction completely revamped and ready to mark a new era of Brazilian musical entertainment, event producers and responsible for this new phase, together with DGTL Netherlands, Du Serena, Edu Poppo, and Silvio Conchon want you to live the DGTL São Paulo experience that would have happened before the pandemic, now in April 2022. The three entrepreneurs are responsible for events such as Afterlife, Solomun's latest tours in Brazil, Tribe Festival, SOM Festival, and Tomorrowland Brasil 2015 and 2016, which shows that next year's edition has everything to be the biggest and better until then.


The Covid-19 pandemic pushed us away in person, but it united our hearts in favor of what really matters: connections. Eye to eye connections, smile to smile, soul to soul, love to love. Connections that we find on the dance floor when we look around and see everyone in a trance, with no differences or problems. Presenting a line-up equal to our nostalgia for the dance floors, the organization promises a musical immersion of respect, with some of the biggest names in the underground scene worldwide.


It won't be long before we announce our DGTL São Paulo 2022 edition, and we hope you are there with us to celebrate! To make this possible, the new DGTL São Paulo organization, made possible by those three entrepreneurs, wants to ensure that a great experience for the fans starts long before it takes place. Therefore, if you bought a ticket for 2020, you will get another one for the 2022 edition. This was the solution found for the unprecedented moment lived in recent times, as being a different promoter, it is not possible to offer a refund or exchange of tickets already purchased.


Are you ready for a DGTL São Paulo 2022 completely renewed with the latest in the Techno and House universe? We will be in touch the moment we go live with the event, see you soon! Let’s go! 


Before any of that, we’d like to invite you to fill out a survey regarding the next edition of DGTL São Paulo 2022 to get your feedback so we can always improve our services and get to know you a little bit better! Click here to answer our questions. 





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