4 Feb 2020

Fourth edition of DGTL Sao Paulo confirmed in 2020

The festival takes place on May 1 at the Anhembi Pavilion and will bring new artists from around the world

The fourth Brazilian edition of the festival, which takes place in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Tel-Aviv, Madrid, Bengaluru and Santiago, has a defined date and place. It will take place on May 1st (Labor Day holiday), at the Anhembi Pavilion - in an event that brings together, among unprecedented attractions, several of the main names on the world stage to promising talents, during 17 hours of programming. The line up from A to Z and other news will be announced soon by the official page of the event on Facebook and by the profile of DGTL São Paulo on Instagram.

With each edition, different locations were chosen to host the festival. For this year, Anhembi was the only one that met the organization's prerequisites for hosting the event. “We tried to find the ideal place for three years and all we found were spaces without structure, where it was difficult to control the heat, the bathrooms and the flow of crowds. That is why we listened to our audience and decided to hold DGTL São Paulo in Anhembi, where we can guarantee the best experience for everyone, ”said Jasper Goossen, creator of the festival.

The Anhembi Pavilion has 25 thousand square meters and capacity to receive 20 thousand people, in a large space with an industrial atmosphere that will be divided into three stages, an external environment, areas dedicated to installations and visual performances signed by different artists and collectives, in addition to sustainable actions to reduce damage to the environment.

The visual installations designed by Muti Randolph are also part of the festival experience. The artist from Rio signs projects for DGTL since 2016 in the editions of Amsterdam, Barcelona and also in São Paulo in previous years. Muti's work consists of mapping LED installations that interact with the public according to the equalization effects found in the music coming from the presentations of the DJs and producers themselves, transforming the environment in perfect harmony.

In addition to music and art, another pillar of the DGTL is sustainability. The festival is committed to reducing damage to the environment and in April 2020 will hold the first 100% sustainable edition in Amsterdam. Some actions practised in the past editions return in 2020, such as the incentive to reuse the drink glass (Eco Cup) - where the main objective is, in addition to reducing plastic waste, to allow the public to reflect on a new perspective of reusing precious resources and the Smart Energy Plan - a plan that maximizes energy consumption from the electricity grid and other renewable sources. These and other actions already taken contributed to the DGTL winning important awards within the category of sustainable companies.

The meat-free concept, which aims to raise public awareness not only about the importance of avoiding meat in favour of animals but also to reduce environmental damage, happens again in this edition, as well as in other parts of the world. During the 17 hours of programming, DGTL will offer several options of creative foods and drinks that do not contain ingredients of animal origin, through different exhibitors scattered in the festival arena.

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