2 May 2019

Important information for DGTL São Paulo visitors

Everything you need to know to enjoy the festival to the fullest from start to finish.

Tomorrow is DGTL São Paulo 2019 day! With a weather forecast of 30°/20° and sun, we could not be more excited for our third edition in Brazil. Here we gather everything you need to know to enjoy the festival in the best possible way, from before leaving the house until the end of the event, so read carefully.



From a sustainable perspective, we use reusable cups instead of disposable plastic cups. You will buy your first cup for R$ 5.00 (or R$ 10.00 with cup holder) and will use it throughout the night. In the end, you can take it home as a souvenir or return at the bar and get back the R$ 5.00 (or R$ 10.00) or a bottle of water.

To avoid discarding plastic bottles in common trash, when buying water in the bar you will get a discount if you bring the bottle empty. All bottles collected will be sent for recycling after the event.



All money transactions within DGTL will happen through the ZigPay card. At the beginning of the event, you buy your card for R$ 5.00 and can recharge it in the various cashiers spread around the festival using debit/credit cards or money. At the end of the event, the card can be returned and the R$ 5.00 refunded (or exchanged for a bottle of water).

You can also download the ZigPay app and register your credit card to charge the card, without having to go through one of the mobile safes.



We will have lockers on site so visitors can store personal items. During the festival, the rental value of the lockers will be R$ 35.00 for the duration of the event. You can also book the locker online in advance on the LocaLocker website, for R$ 35.00 + R$ 3.50 fee.



By car by app/taxi: to get there using cars by app just put in the destination address: Rua Chico Pontes, 1512.

By Public Transport: The easiest way to get to the event using public transportation is to get off at Carandiru Station, on the Blue Line of the Subway and take the bus 1721-10, going down the last point of Rua Chico Pontes (about 15 minutes from the subway)

By car/van/bus: Mart Center is located at Rua Chico Pontes, 1512, in Vila Guilherme, north of São Paulo. We will have parking on site, check out the values:

R$ 50,00 for cars

R$ 80,00 for vans

R$ 400 for buses



In addition to items normally banned at festivals such as firearms and sharp objects, visitors will not be able to enter the event with laptops/tablets, professional cameras or any kind of food or fluid.



DGTL has a strict policy against any kind of prejudice and harassment. Respect the people who will be there having fun. If you suffer or witness any situation of abuse, violence, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or any kind of discrimination, seek a security guard or someone from the production team that the necessary steps will be taken.



For DGTL it is important that people can enjoy the party with maximum security. Drink in moderation and look after your friends. Stay hydrated and remember to eat regularly. We will have a first aid tent in the event with doctors and nurses on call in case emergency care is needed.



- Take your ticket printed or in the Eventbrite app
- If you bought a half-ticket, be sure to bring your student card or a book in good condition
- Reserve your locker in advance here
- Minimum age: 18 years old - proof of identity with photo will be asked at the entrance
- We will have a 100% vegetarian food court in the event
- Dress up in comfortable clothes and shoes, it will be many hours of partying
- Check out the timetable to set up your schedule in advance and not miss your favorite artists.
- Follow DGTL on Facebook and Instagram to track all information in real time and view photos and videos unique to the festival.

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