2 Apr 2019

Meet the home of DGTL São Paulo 2019

Warming up continues as we know more about Mart Center, the place that will host the stages and art installations of the festival.

We reinforce our commitment to the metropolis we chose to be our home in one of the richest musical countries in the world by exploring its beauty whenever we can.

Here we present some images of the location that will hold the 2019 edition in São Paulo. Mart Center is a monumental remembrance of the city’s glory from a recent past of thriving commerce and trade fairs in huge warehouse spaces, now repurposed into something new in order to retain its original energy and reuse it for greener and greater goals. 

More than a gathering spot or a rendez-vous point, this is the place where our plans and dreams will come to fruition through hours of enjoyment of the whole experience that DGTL has to offer.

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