15 Feb 2022

Modular Stage, a highlight of DGTL São Paulo, bets on rave and avant-garde in its DNA

DGTL São Paulo is right ahead and the public's anxiety for this new grandiose phase of the festival on Brazilian soil only grows. But anyone who thinks the event is known only for its strong line-up is wrong: DGTL's stages are a spectacle apart, whose tradition reinforces its values.


Modular, Generator and Frequency are their names. Each stage has its own personality, hosting the myriad of sounds, themes and variations that only electronic music can convey, offering the audience a unique immersion experience through art, light, video, laser and technology.


The Modular stage was once considered the main stage of the festival, but nowadays it has become a perfect bridge between the most Deep and Techno sounds. It carries rave in its DNA, with an avant-garde spirit driven by the lights, welcoming House and Deep House artists with a touch of Techno.


On April 9th, a special line-up, worthy of its vibe, fills Modular stage at DGTL São Paulo, starting with Belgian DJ and producer Amelie Lens, owner of Lenske label, with sold-out shows and hits like “Exhale”. Also performing there, the renowned Brazilian duo Binaryh, formed by the couple Camila Giamelaro and Rene Castanho, whose remix of Coloray was chosen as the official soundtrack of the festival's campaign in São Paulo. Also, two Germans arrive with breathtaking LIVE sets: DJ and producer Innellea, known for combining Techno roots with an abstract sound, and Jan Blomqvist, protagonist of Concert Techno.


Also on the same stage will be the exceptional artist Len Faki, owner of hits like “BX3” and “Stranger (To Stability)”; Seven Entertainment's resident DJ Marcio S., known for his slick mixing technique and killer repertoire; the multi-talented Melanie Ribbie, with a sound that jumps from the minimal and groovy of Techno to the sultry grooves of Tech-House. To complete the stage, we will still have the show of one of the pillars of the Brazilian electronic music industry - Renato Ratier, as well as Junior C, a music producer with more than 10 years of career and the greatest exponent of the new generation of Brazilian DJs.


With all this weight on just one stage of the festival, it is clear that DGTL São Paulo cannot be missed. Secure your ticket now, on the Ingresse website or app, by clicking here.


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