22 Feb 2019

Ticket and afterparty info

The countdown has begun for our third edition in São Paulo and preparations are in motion to make it another incredible chapter of our festival's history in the city and worldwide. 

The perfect location was found for an amazing night: Mart Center, an old shopping mall located at Vila Guilherme, in the northern part of the city, will be the scenario for DGTL São Paulo 2019.

With an amazing line up devised to go with it, still there was one factor that could be improved in order to make this edition meet the standards that were set by the previous ones: time. 

The solution? Stretch it into an afterparty that will not only extend but enhance everyone's experience at DGTL São Paulo.

Now the only thing missing is you. And there are two options to choose from:

- Festival Entry

- Passport Festival + Afterparty

Please note that these are the only two types of tickets that will be sold and, therefore, they follow specific rules of availability: either you come aboard for the whole odyssey or the main event. So, plan ahead your journey and buy your tickets in advance.

Group 2